Upon successful completion of

Upon successful completion of this unit, students will be able to
create an environment that reviews ethical standards with the project team;assess the system of moral values that individual brings to the project and navigate if they conflict with their own ethics; andcommunicate to the project team the approach to be taken to resolve ethical dilemmas.Description
This unit focuses on the importance of ethics in project leadership; looking at how ethical choices can impact project outcomes, minimize risks and increase trust.
In each dilemma below, what would you do? Choose your response; then provide the rationale for your answer [Adapted from the text: The Art of Leadership by George Manning & Kent Curtis]
Manning, G., & Curtis, K. (2004). The art of leadership. The TQM Magazine, 16(3), 225-226.
The citizen. You are driving your car when you come upon the scene of an accident. One person will die without immediate medical care. You take the victim and speed to the hospital. The extra speed causes another accident, in which another person dies. How should you be judged? Was your act right because your motive was good, or was your act wrong because its consequences were bad?Choose one:
Right; motiveWrong; consequencesAlternative response was good were badMy Choice is:
The salesperson. You learn that your company is selling faulty equipment that could be dangerous. Your spouse needs medical treatment that costs a large percentage of your income. You have reason to believe that if you confront your employer, you will lose your job. What would you do?Choose one:
ConfrontAvoidAlternative response employer confrontationMy Choice is:
The supervisor. Your company is reducing the workforce, and you must dismiss one of your engineers. You have narrowed the choices to T. J., an older employee who has been coasting for years, but who is capable of outstanding performance, and Morgan, a new employee who tries his best, but who almost certainly will never perform at the same level as T. J. Who would you let go?Choose one:
T. J.MorganAlternative responseMy Choice is:

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