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Response 2: Swapnil Deshmukh

Alexa Skills in Ordering Starbucks Drinks

Starbucks had introduced advanced technology into its customer services to increase their demand and customer satisfaction level in a competitive market (Alexa, 2021). By introducing Alexa services in Starbucks, the firm makes their orders more accessible and convenient for the customers. Starbucks users need to provide a simple voice command in this Alexa skill by saying Alexa order my Starbucks to place a regular order at favorite, regular, or other stores. Amazon provided new skills to their Alexa application by improving its echo device to provide Starbucks reorder services.

In order to acquire this facility, Starbucks users need to add an Amazon account to their Starbucks accounts in the application to gain access to Alexa skills. After adding an amazon account, users need to go to settings and add the Alexa skills to their account for placing orders from their usual drinks from the past ten stores they have regularly visited (Booras et al., 2021). In this process, we need to set a voice command to Alexa in different ways for placing orders through voice instructions instead of opening the application physically. With the help of Alexa skills, we can place Starbuck orders virtually before leaving our house to save our traveling time at busy hours.

The skill of the Alexa is limited because it takes the historical data and already placed orders to provide reorder facilities. However, most users expect new skills from Alexa in Starbucks that orders should be ready at a specific time, selecting a new location, and other capabilities (Rechowicz et al., 2021). Although Alex’s skills are limited, Starbucks users receive continuous updates that provide new capabilities for users based on their feedback. To provide customized Starbucks ordering services, Alexa skills need to be improved with necessary integrations. Through expanding the Alexa abilities and voice command optimizations, the Amazon team is trying their best to provide flexible order facilities to users.


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