University of San Diego Global Warming is Aerosols Research

Question Description

Research paper: 6 pages, single-spaced, with text, figures, and any equations/calculations. Must include references (not counted as part of the page requirement). Research the topic in depth and report on the quantitative, scientific evidence-based peer-reviewed literature rebutting the myth in form of a research paper.

Topic: It’s aerosols

1/ Abstract: 1/2 page, ~300 words or less, be concise, no citations.

– State the myth and general, main findings of research (What does evidence suggest? Were you able to fully disprove the myth?

2/ Main body: 4-5 pages

a/ Introduction: 1-2 pages

– Provide context for the science behind the myth.

– Introduce the problem (the myth) and the origins behind it. Provide context for rebuttal. Use figures, graphs (with captions and labeled in order), and proper citations here for support.

b/ Main findings: 3-4 pages

– Discuss in own words the relevant findings from each reference with proper citations.

– Connect supporting evidence to each section of rebuttal. Use statistics, figures, and/or tables in rebuttal.

3/ Conclusions: 1 page

– Summarize main findings, connecting each of main arguments to give a concluding statement. Be concise

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