University of Phoenix Solution Strategy Paper

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Section Three: Solution Strategy (Due Week 6)

Write a 2- to 3-page paper that includes the following information:

Action goal(s)

  • Provide the goal(s) for the action plan that you are proposing and include a brief overview of the action plan that you have selected.
  • Example:
    • The goal of the action plan is to increase effectiveness of regular classroom teachers in implementing accommodations and modifications for special education students. A three-prong intervention will be implemented to meet the goal, which includes teacher IEP training, teacher/paraprofessional training, and weekly collaboration time supported by the administration.
  • This is a detailed description of the steps you would take if you were to implement your intervention plan to address or alleviate the problem in your current setting.
  • This section is analogous to a recipe. It should be specific and detailed so that another researcher can read this section and duplicate the method with few questions.
    • For example, do not say “Teachers or trainers will take courses on methods to modify instruction for diverse learners.” Rather, give the reader specific information and guidelines on how you will accomplish the goal of this plan, with step-by-step instructions to easily replicate the process.
    • Incorporate ethical guidelines you may need to consider for your research study.
  • Include copies of specific material needed in an Appendix, such as consent forms or other materials. Remember you cannot be too specific in this section.
  • Include a week-by-week, operational calendar plan.
    • Include specific directions on how you would implement each component of your action research study.
  • Remember to give the reader the following information:
    • When the study would begin
    • Who would be involved
    • At what points specific aspects of your plan should occur
    • The duration of each component of your plan
    • How often and when you would evaluate results

Selected solutions

Calendar plan