University of Miami Executive and Presidential Influence Discussion

Question Description

500 word response in which you:

  • Describe how public policy on the environment has been influenced by the president, executive agencies, and courts.
  • Contrast the description of policymaking in the environment from the analysis of policymaking by Tom Dye and Cass Sunstein.
  • Describe insights the institutional approach by Daynes, et al. add to your understanding of American politics.
  • Include appropriate reference to the assigned readings to support your statements.
  • Apply correct APA citations and format to your response.
  • Analyze the usefulness of the propositions in the final chapter of the Daynes, et al. text in aiding comprehension of the role of institutions in crafting American environmental policy.

American Politics and the Environment

Chapter 6, “Executive Agencies and the Environment” (pp. 123–148)

Chapter 7, “The Environmental Court” (pp. 149–170)

Chapter 8, “The Global Environment” (pp. 171–204)

Chapter 9, “American Politics and the Environment: Conclusion” (pp. 205–224)

Daynes, B. W., Sussman, G., & West, J. P. (2016).

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