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Chapter 14 – Case: Fidelity Deals with Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Fidelity, an investment company, has been tackling problems related to workplace harassment and bullying for years and has taken several actions to maintain an ethical workplace; however, a company has little control over the individual behavior of employees, and thus, maintaining a positive work culture becomes difficult when the company is constantly plagued with ethical issues.

  • Based on your understanding of this case, what could Fidelity do to reduce concerns about workplace harassment and bullying? If you were the HR manager at Fidelity, what policies would you develop to help reduce the prevalence of such misbehavior?
  • If you were an entry-level worker at Fidelity, how would the presence of workplace harassment and bullying influence your opinion of the company? How would you protect yourself from such misconduct?


1.Assume that as an HR staff member, you have been asked to research consumer-driven health (CDH) plans because your employer is considering implementing one. Go to a leading benefits information resource, Employee Benefit News, at, and identify elements of a successful CDH plan and some examples of firms that use such a plan.

2.What can first-line supervisors do to help control workers’ compensation costs, and how might they be rewarded for doing so?

3.What should an employer do when facing an OSHA inspection?

4.Assume that as the HR Manager, you have decided to prepare some guidelines for supervisors to use when they have to discipline employees. Gather the information needed, using Internet resources such as and for sample policies and other details. Then prepare a guide for supervisors on implementing both positive and progressive discipline.

5. Discuss the following statement: “Health care costs are out of control in the United States, and increasing conflicts between employers and employees are likely as employers try to reduce their health benefit costs.”


Human Resources Management, 16th Edition

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Title Human Resources Management, 16th Edition
Author Robert L. Mathis & John H. Jackson, Sean Valentine; Patricia Meglich
ISBN 9780357033852
Publisher Cengage
Type Print

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