University Of Massachusetts Anti Imperialism and Anti Authoritarianism Discussion

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Attend the teach-in session “Anti-Imperialism and Anti-Authoritarianism? Understanding Iranian Politics from the US” with Prof. Arash Davari .

Write and turn in one paragraph (approx. 3-6 sentences) explaining Prof. Davari’s argument in this session: what is the main point he is making? What is the biggest, overarching takeaway from this session?

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Audio Name: 20191112-160243 Duration: 73 Minutes NT729 [00:00:00] ANNOUNCEMENT Announcement ● There are a lot of calls that are happening today and tomorrow and Thursday ○ There is a screening for the film [00:06:02] CLASS DISCUSSION Marxist Organization ● A small minority organization and marginal ● In the 1970s, they are one of the first groups in line with the China Continent ● They were active in the United States around 1973 ○ Marxist was an activist in the U.S but suddenly they go back to Iraq in 1979 ● They started to concede the new government that was being formed after the revolution occur ○ But they were not able to steal functions because they are a minority 2 Impossibilities ● 1.Political development ○ Advocate for social justice concerns changes and reforms in a place where you are not in that place ■ When you think about yourself as global and mobile citizens, how do you do so? ● How can you do so in a place like the united states which is growing around the world? ● How can you, as a citizen, affect the way you want to? ■ Take some kind of a stand with respect and love ● It is impossible for you to do? ● 2. International system itself ○ Is as a state like the Islamic Republic in an impossible state in the existing international system? ■ 2 ways to think about the question ● 1. There is something wrong with the experiment of Iraq ○ The effort to create the Islamic Republic is somehow fraud and frank ● 2. To wait for the limitations of actually establishing a different kind of state in Iraq Industry limitation of the current international system that you live ○ The contradiction is “the current international system that you live” ○ The international system that you live is supposed the human beings organize themselves into political communities ■ Each of those political community is free as a community as they organized themselves in terms of autonomy ● Autonomy is broken down in two words “auto” means love and “nomos” means self which means the law that you give yourself ○ ○ ○ ○ There is a presumption within the existing political system that very political community is self-determined The United States is getting to recognize in action in the Islamic Republic It is how the project in the United State is possible to project The concession is not a big deal ■ The concession has an argument side 4 Main Things ● 1. Nuclear deal ○ In 2015 under President Obama administration, the United States signed a nuclear deal of which is of Iran ○ The administration in Iran was a reformist administration ■ 2 kind of branches of political positions ● 1. Protective private property ● 2. Welfare and distribution of wealth ■ They imagined themselves as reformist in the 1990s ■ Their objective is opening spaces for political and cultural reforms ■ The group took the presidency in 1997 ■ In 2005, somebody from another side of the island took the power and in 2013, the reformist came to power again ● The president was Hassan Rouhani. ○ Under President Rouhani and President Obama, they do the formation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action ■ That is the nuclear deal ■ It occurs 2015 ● 2. Maximum pressure campaign ○ The Trump administration came into power in 2016 ■ One of the first thing that they do is they pull out the nuclear deal ○ The idea is you don’t do any kind concessions ■ You create a situation wherein the other party is forced to comply with what you want ○ The objective is to change regional politics ○ All painting transaction effectively go to US control ■ You can’t prevent exchanges transaction ○ If you make it difficult enough for the people in Iran, then there is no protest against the state ● 3. War games ○ It is between the US and Iran ○ In 1990, Irag favors Iran ○ In 1991, you have the golf war between Iraq and the United States ■ The US imposed sanctions by Iraq after the war ● It lasts from 1991 to 2003 ● The effect of the sanctions shape the way the war was blocked in 2003 ○ In June 2019, the US drone passed over in the Iraq property ● 4. Women’s rights ○ Self-power devote ■ Self-power means you tried to cause instability ■ Actively supported by religion ○ The Russian used social media to influence in the 2016 election ○ ○ ○ Advocating for democratic changes for social women in Iraq, the US is actually engaging in a form of self-power United State has a different kind of policy decision It is productive think self-spectacular purpose ■ Serve certain kind of purposes Islamic Republic ● In 1980, the Islamic Republic has an aspiration to create some kind of community that exceed territorial boundaries ● After thje 30 to 40 years, they make new rules ○ They are still creating a situation ● International law is a colonial law ● A lot of language of democratic reform started to be used to facilitate interventions ○ It is messy ○ Different people start to take different positions Reginal Agencies ● Iran has allied across origin that ● The basis of the revolution was in the 19th period push ● A lot of the movements and allied are organized around the 19th periods as a kind of progress ● There are agencies in part of the proxies ○ But a lot of proxies don’t have such an agency because they have their own agency and political projects Terrorist ● When you think about terrorist, you think about the 911 attack ● Actively involved in fighting against ISIs ● The terrorist is when the attack happens which the people feared .

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