University of Florida Gun Control Campaign Paper

Using my interest group, I prepared 2 flyers for an ad campaign

One of them advocates and the other opposes an issue of salience in my interest group.


  • Search current legislation in Congress for bills on topics of interest to your interest group.
    • i.e., type in “gun control” for the NRA.
  • Skim the summary of the bills and decide if the interest group would support or oppose the bills
  • You must select two bills:
  • Additionally, write a brief paper,why you chose the campaign strategies that you did.

For this assignments, you will focus on THE NRA (National Rifle Association)
* I will provide MY EXAMPLE FLYERS

  • Need to be submitted as a Microsoft Word file, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point, All references used to complete your assignments should be included in a reference list, Paper should be primarily in your own words. Any quoted or paraphrased information should be cited.
  • Sources such as Wikipedia or (or other similar websites) are NEVER appropriate for academic work. If you have a question about the appropriateness of a source, please check with me.
University of Florida Gun Control Campaign Paper
University of Florida Gun Control Campaign Paper

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