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The act of censorship is found to be affecting several groups of individuals in different parts of the world, and it is often observed that anything that affects people will eventually end up affecting business organizations. Therefore, it is important to consider the impacts that are experienced on businesses in consideration of censorship. The covered concepts in the chapter and the videos were able to provide the readers and viewers with a proper idea about the effects of censorship. Based on the observation, it was identified that there were two important factors that are to be considered by business organizations with respect to the process of censorship.

The first factor is the limitation that is observed by businesses, especially budding entrepreneurs and small organizations in relation to the promotional activities. For instance, censorship in China has affected the promotional capabilities of businesses owing to the fact the most effective social media platforms were banned in the country. With the support of the social media platforms in this heavily digitalized business environment, the companies will consider suffering from respect to the lack of promotional opportunities (Barlow, 2017). Therefore, this factor should be properly considered by the marketing professionals of the business organizations.

The second factor is the expenses that are supposed to be made by the businesses in order to meet the requirements of censorship in an adequate manner. For instance, if there are policies that restrict the use of certain elements with respect to marketing, the companies might require to employ a team of professionals to ensure that that the promotion is conducted as per the norms that are prescribed by the government. Therefore, this will increase the burden of small businesses as they will be required to make certain expenses to support the process of censorship.

The process of censorship is effectively done owing to the presence of centralization. For instance, a video that is uploaded to YouTube can be banned and removed in consideration of censorship, and the video will cease to exist owing to the centralized nature of the control. But, with the help of the technology of blockchains, centralized control is effectively eliminated, as it operates in a decentralized manner.

The information that is contained in a system of blockchain is distributed into several blocks that exist in several different locations around the world. (Chin, 2020) Therefore, if someone requires to remove particular information from the system, they might have to eliminate the information from several hundreds of blocks, which might often be considered as impossible. This necessarily creates an understanding that anything that is added to the blockchain systems will exist for a longer period of time without being influenced by censorship.

Business organizations have started to consider blockchain systems as a game-changer, owing to the fact that it exhibits a strong defense against censorship. In this case, businesses can utilize blockchain systems for the purpose of promoting their products without being controlled by regulations or censorship. In addition, the businesses can also reduce their expenses related to promotional activities.


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Chin, A. (2020). Blockchain Biology. Frontiers In Blockchain, 3.

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University of Cumberland Glob

For any business to have better Returns on Investments(ROI), it should adequately meet the request on the lookout and guarantee that all items or administrations meet the consistently changing limitless customer inclinations.

The connection between makers, advertisers, and customers depends on gathering each gathering’s destinations. With innovative headways, particularly blockchain, these gatherings are discovering this task simpler to accomplish. Blockchain has end up being an aiding factor in empowering these organizations to arrive at their objectives and purchasers to be fulfilled completely. It has helped eliminate any confusion of straightforwardness also, responsibility issues positively in publicizing. Albeit this is as yet an issue being taken a gander at, an issue has been viewed as promoters are utilizing this imperfection to trick buyers and even organizations through promotion extortion to fulfill their egotistical needs. To take care of this issue, tech organizations are thinking of various innovations utilizing blockchain to guarantee that buyers are ensured by not being assaulted with adverts on products that makers are keen on selling in any case, by giving them a stage to purchase labor and products that meet their inclinations 100 percent.

Blockchain is a straightforward and solid innovation. Since its presentation, organizations that have embraced it have been changed. Information on shoppers and potential business sectors is as yet being gathered to date. Blockchain will expand information comparative with shopper inclinations in the depicted ways underneath.

1.Consumer control of Personal Data

Blockchain will permit shoppers to control their information. This opportunity gives publicists a stage to comprehend shoppers’ practices, preferences, disdains, and consistently changing day by day inclinations to plan items custom-made to these particulars; this advances trust and unwaveringness.

2. Utilization of Loyalty Programs

Blockchain innovation will empower organizations to make brand faithfulness programs that retailers could use to make marked monetary forms for clients to utilize and guarantee the prizes related; this will permit publicists to concentrate how shoppers execute and what their every day inclinations are, holding clients and receiving the benefits in incomes.

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