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I have attached all details below including links to the case studies that should be referenced once or twice. And it should be about 4 paragraphs long.

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Craft a post for this discussion using the readings, videos, and case study materials as talking points and sources for responding to the following prompts: Goal for your Post – As we have been working on in the project steps, craft an analysis of the Perspectives on Fracking in Colorado case study based on the guidelines below. In doing so make sure you review the outline in project step 2! This time though, try doing so in the spirit of public discourse (aka, speaking to a wide audience) using the theoretical tools you have been exploring thus far. Submission: a 3-4 paragraph post with sources cited. Reminder! A paragraph is more than just 3 sentences, it more so represents a complete idea, well articulated. Guidelines: a. Think of a topic question of your own based on an interesting aspect of the case study. Try considering an original angle you could explore, state it as a question or topic – and then answer it! This your chance to be creative. In the past I have given you that question or topic, now try coming up with your own! In your writing make sure you articulate your answer clearly. You can certainly share your personal views here but make sure you back them up with evidence in your writing! b. Identify one or more theoretical tools you plan to use to answer your question and describe them briefly. These include any of the chapters you have read so far for this class, specifically in the Climate Debate and Critical Media Studies texts. I recommend you use more than just the “6 Americas”. Remember, we all have different understandings of these tools that’s why it’s important for you to describe the ones you will use. c. Using the case sources I have provided and any others you might find, just like in the project step assignments, write an analysis / argument making your points using (at least in part) the theoretical tools you’ve outlined. If you still need help thinking about how to do this please reach out to me! d. Though you are using and citing the theoretical tools, think of this more like making a speech to a group rather than writing an assignment for a class. My hope is this prompt will lead to good discussions and debates in our forum! e. Do your best! This is a challenging though powerful task. Combined with the points that Hoffman makes around targeting a message to the audience, this type of discussion is exactly how we can turn our education towards the practical purposes of galvanizing social change – a topic we will explore more next week. CASE studies Other Videos file:///Users/austinlackey/Downloads/Digital%20ethnography%20%20The%20next%20wave%20in%20understanding%20the%20consumer%20experience.pdf …
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