University of Colorado at Boulder Environment in Media Discussion Responses

Question Description

How to Complete the Assignment For this post, you will reflect on and critically examine this week’s readings and case study based on a few topic questions. Below are the steps and prompts to help you shape your submission: 1. Create a new ‘reply’ to the discussion and give it a creative title in your first line based on what you plan to write. 2. Craft a post for this discussion using the readings, videos, and case study as talking points and sources for responding to the following topic question(s): (1) Considering your efforts in class so far, and referencing the class materials, what are the good sides and not-so-good sides of new media technologies? In these ways, how do you see new media influencing humanity and our relationships with the (natural and/or built) environment? (2) In your opinion, and using the class materials in your answer, how can new media technologies perhaps help to bridge the communication gaps between us and solve the problems we face? Think about this week’s resources, the Hoffman readings and earlier case studies to help you shape your answer. (3) In reflection on what you’ve learned the past few weeks, where do you believe society is headed next in this evolving context of new media and what creative approaches can you think of that might help to protect or improve our relationships with the (natural and/or built) environment? Submission Guidelines: In 3-4+ thoughtful paragraphs, craft a short essay-style response addressing the topic questions as best as you can. That said, remember you’re talking with each other! Your writing is not just for me to read but to foster a group conversation. It’s a subtle distinction but it’s important! Make sure you refer to content from the module(s) directly in your post so I know you’re engaging with the materials and others can learn from your insights! Hint: Feel free to use external links, images, and resources in your posts as as well – it helps to spice things up and lets us benefit from your unique insights!

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