University of Central Florida Environmental Science Questions

Question Description

Answer all questions in your own words in the space provided on the ANSWER DOCUMENT or in the EXCEL WORKSHEET.
If you do not submit your answers on the provided answer sheet, you will be penalized 10 points
Answer completely and concisely
Provide all necessary information
Do not ramble on about irrelevant topics
Work must be your own. This assignment must follow academic integrity guidelines.
You must rewrite answers you get from lecture material (you cannot copy lecture answers word-for-word
You can work with others, but your responses must be in your own words.
Submit your completed assignment on Canvas before the due date.
Assignments sent to the instructor’s or TAs’ email will not be accepted
Accepted document formats:
Text: .doc, .docx, .pdf
Excel: .xls, .xlsx

Tags: environmental science pollutants University of Central Florida coral reefs massive imrovement organic fertilizer

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