university COVID-19 Checklist

I’m trying to learn for my Health & Medical class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

make a 2 pages checklist based on the scenario below (look at the attached example)

No required format (such as APA) and no it does not necessary have to be 3 full pages at all. just make sure its not plagiarized is really the only main requirement.

Please provide a reference page though of all the references used


Your university had a meeting with the Dean of the College. The dean has ask the college leadership to prepare a checklist of how the participants (Students) would get here from the Airport, how should the space for coffee breaks would be arranged to ensure social distancing,restrooms use, movement to the dining facility,etc…

Primary Task

Create a COVID-19 checklist based on the scenario parameters and more if possible.Think outside the box and be very creative with your response

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