Unit 5 & 6 Source Region and Coriolis Effect Vocabulary Word Definitions

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fill out the chart for the vocal word. this includes what the word reminds you of, the actual definition and the word used in a sentence.

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Unit 5 & 6 Vocabulary These are the NEED TO KNOW vocabulary words for the two units that you will be tested on. You must complete this by Tuesday, November 12. Word Weather climate Air mass Source region Coriolis effect Polar easterlies Prevailing westerlies Trade winds Jet stream front thermometer barometer anemometer hygrometer radiosonde Doppler effect What does this word remind you of? Definition Use the word in a sentence. Station model Upwelling Salinity Radiation Convection Conduction Humidity Relative Humidity Dew Point Thermocline Neap Tide Spring Tide …
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