Union Grievance Process and the four Dimensions of Globalization

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1. Describe the various steps to a grievance process in a typical union contract.

2. What does the research reveal about the effects of unions, both positive and negative?

Chapters 10 & 11
1. Summarize the efforts at the Saturn plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee to forge a new relationship between management and labor by using self-directed work teams.

2. Why do you think the Saturn experiment failed?

3. Summarize Canada’s experience with nonunion employee representation plans. How have these plans affected the Canadian labor movement?

4. Briefly define the four dimension of globalization.

5. In 2012, President Obama introduced a “deferred action” initiative for immigrant youth illegally brought to the U.S. as children. The initiative would allow approximately 1.8 million immigrants under the age of 31 a two-year, renewable reprieve from deportation provided they meet certain qualifications (e.g., graduation from HS, no felony convictions). In general, what are the advantages and disadvantages to immigration as a component of globalization?

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