UMASS Boston Chapter 12 International Law and Organizations Analysis HW

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this time is a group project, and our group’s title is “international law” (chapter 12). My own subtitle is “international law and organizations”(textbook from p.359- 367). i take responsibility for this branch. you can see that there are 3 major parts under this subtitle, sources of international law, international organizations and major agreements affecting trade.

So, you need to write an essay to introduce and analyze these 3 parts, giving some examples and case studies. you need to select typical and particular corporates or international organizations to introduce since i know there are lots of famous international institutions.

The paper needs to 4-5 pages, times new roman 12, double spaces, use footnotes for each page to delineate citations and cited content (including hyperlinks for each new citation).

please write a brief introduction at first to introduce international law and organizations. The paper needs to easy to understand and easy to read.

textbook: Pagnattaro, Cahoy, Magid, Reed & Shedd, The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business, 17th Edition, ISBN 978-0-078-02385-9 © 2016 E-book version (ISBN 978-1-259-41975-1) is available at (f/k/a coursesmart)

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