UCLA Homelessness in Orange C

Hi, I have a short policy analysis essay due. I am currently an intern at a site called OCAPICA in Orange County, California and I have to research a problem within my site. My professor’s lecture slides are below if you’d like to use it for reference. I filled out my Policy Analysis Outline and attached it below. However are a few minor problems with my Outline that you should keep in mind while writing the paper, here are my professor’s comments:

1. Title should be reflective of a problem specifically faced at your site, not an overall topic.

2. Current approach to the problem too broad. How is OCAPICA involved with this?

3. These solutions seem too broad for your site can implement. Remember that your policy analysis should focus on what your site can implement to fix the problem.

As for the actual essay, the required parts are as follows:

  • Cover page
    • Must have: Title, your name, your practicum site (OCAPICA), and the specific audience for the analysis.
    • The title must reference both the problem and the criteria for analysis.
  • The body of the analysis (750-900 words) with the following subtitles:
    1. Background (subtitle)
      • Description of the broad problem
      • Description of current and previous efforts to address the problem
    2. Scope (subtitle)
      • Assessment of previous policy efforts
      • Significance of the problem
      • Why the need for analysis
    3. Problem Statement (subtitle)
      • Specific definition of the problem that will be analyzed in the paper
      • Describe the major stakeholders (Primary, Secondary, and Key)
      • Objectives and goals of solutions
      • Criteria to be used for recommendation
    4. Analysis of Alternatives (subtitle)
      • Description of three potential solutions
      • Compare possible outcomes, constraints, and feasibility of each
    5. Policy Recommendations (subtitle)
      • Choose one of the three options.
      • Describe why the chosen alternative is preferred based on the specific criteria from Problem Statement
      • Discuss potential implementation challenges or possible unwanted outcomes
    6. References (subtitle, separate page)
      • At least six sources, at least three must be academic. No sources older than 10 years.
      • Academic, journalistic, and original data collection are all possible
      • Must be in APA 7 format!

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