Types of Insurance Plans

Part VI

Types of Insurance Plans

Insurance plans are set up in a variety of ways. Each type of insurance plans has its own unique characteristics, but many plans use a combination of the more desirable features of each type of insurance in order to attract customers.

List and explain each of the following: Fee-for-service, HMO, PPO, Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, CHAMPVA, Workers’ Compensation, Private Health Insurance (BCBS), Disability and Long-term Care insurance.

Petty Cash

From time to time, small amounts of cash are needed in the medical office, for certain expenses that are often less than $10. The purpose of a petty cash fund is to enable the staff to purchase items of small value quickly and easily.

List and describe the seven steps that are needed to maintain a petty cash fund of $100.

This week your Final Course Project is due. You will need to submit revised Parts I, II, III, IV, and V along with Part VI to the drop box.

A Title Page, Table of Contents, and two properly formatted references for each part are also required.


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