type of disorder

You are invited to PSY 430’s 

Disordered Party!

Imagine a party in which all of the guests have some type of personality disorder. Well, you have been invited to one. Your task will be (1) first meet all of the invited guests and (2) try to determine which guest has what type of disorder.


Harold: No one knew why Harold showed up because he never comes to social gatherings because they make him uncomfortable. But here he was. He started talking to me about how he could tell what other people were going to say before they actually said anything. Then he talked about his confusion over the washing instructions on his new jeans. “The instructions said ‘wash before using’ but does that mean I should wash them before I wear them the first time, or do they need to be washed each time before I wear them?”

Kate: Kate burst into the party and instantly became the center of attention. She was wearing a very revealing dress and with sweeping arm gestures and exaggerated bravado, boasted about her leading role in a local play. During a private conversation, another guest asked her about the rumors that she was having problems at work. In a dramatic outburst of anger, she proclaimed that her job was marvelous and that everyone adored her. Shortly thereafter, while drinking her third Vodka, she fainted and had to be taken home.

Ashton: He spent the entire evening taking about his recent trip to France, his new Porsche, and how he was about to become the wealthiest man in the world. Everyone around him seemed bored, but he just kept right on talking. When a guest turned and started to walk away he said “You don’t want to listen because you are going nowhere.” He refused to apologize even when we knew he hurt her feelings. He said “I know I am more talented that everyone in this room, it isn’t my fault that upsets her.”

Karen showed up to the party drunk and continued to drink the entire evening. Talking loudly and laughing, she flirted with many of the guys and expressed her “deep affection” for them. On a number of occasions she disappeared for almost half an hour, each time with a different guy. After a hostile argument with one of them, because he took “too long” in fetching her drink, she locked herself in the bathroom and said she was going to kill herself. We encouraged her to go home but she didn’t want to be alone.

Nate: Nate showed up to the party at exactly 7:00. He immediately re-arranged things on the table and talked mostly about new technology and finances. He avoided answering any questions about his personal life or his feelings. He left promptly at 9:00 saying that he had work to do.

John: He arrived “fashionably late” with his new lady friend and was friendly and charming. He then lit up a joint and refused to put it out even though we asked him to. He told us a story about an accident he was in. “I was pulling out of a parking lot really fast and smacked this other car. The lady started screaming at me. Crap, it was just a dent. I gave her a fake phone number and told her my insurance would take care of it. Hell, I don’t have insurance. People can make such a big deal out of nothing.”

Jack: Jack spent 10 minutes watching us through the window before coming in. Once inside, he seemed a bit uncomfortable. I tried to make him feel at ease, but he looked guarded and distrustful. Other guests became uncomfortable with his habit of “reading between the lines” and finding something wrong with everything anyone said or did. He seemed to be picking fights with people. He didn’t stay long…..

Lisa: She came to the party with her girlfriend and was glued to her all night. It was annoying because she asked her girlfriend permission to do everything (“I have to use the restroom, is that ok?”). She never disagreed with anything anyone had to say and went out of her way to please everyone. She constantly sought advice from the other guests about everything. “I have a tooth problem, what do you think I should do”?

Lilly: Lilly didn’t show up for the party even though she had said that she really wanted to and agreed to bring the ice. I was not happy about the thought of serving warm drinks so I had another friend run out to get some after guests began to arrive.

Jason: He was not invited to the party. Even though he works in our office, none of us really knows him because he hardly ever talks. He doesn’t seem to care if you like him or not and spends his entire day alone in the stock room. I think he spends all of his time alone reading and watching movies.

Woah, now that was a fun party!

Now that you have met my guests, it is time to diagnose. Use the information presented in your text and PowerPoint presentation to make your diagnosis. Complete your diagnosis before you enter the threaded discussion. We will use this information as the basis of our discussion. After filling out your Guest Diagnosis sheet, submit the document in the drop box titled “party.” You will receive one point for each correct diagnosis. After you submit your diagnoses, enter the discussion.

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