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Think back to a project you were involved in or are currently involved in (or research a project online) and briefly describe the change management processutilized for the project. Was the change management process effective (e.g., a defined process, controlled scope creep, mitigated risk, change control board in place) or ineffective? Provide three lessons learned from the project (positive or opportunities) and how you would like to implement the lessons learned on future projects.


Focus on “10 Common Oversights in Project Risk Management”.Consider one of the following the oversights: “Risk response plan is not used/ kept up to date” OR “Risk response plan is not integrated with the rest of the planning deliverables”. Note the oversight you are addressing, why might this occur and what are the challenges/problems/ issues created because of it? “

200 words for each question and include one reference to support your answers. APA format.

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