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Based on project management, in performance reporting, we often need to find a balance between too much information and too little detail. Some of us may love looking at the numbers and understanding them, while others just want to get to the bottom line. This is often complicated by the fact that we have both types of persons reading performance reports on many of our projects. How should we be thinking about and drafting our performance reports to balance the amount of detail (both in terms of calculations and in terms of project technical specifics) given to try to meet the differing needs and desires? How does earned value add value in performance reporting? Also, are there other parts of a project plan (think about the knowledge areas) that might help inform our report writing strategy?


Focus on “10 Common Oversights in Project Risk Management”.Consider one of the following the oversights focused on stakeholders “Thinking “It is out of my control so I can’t/won’t do anything about it” OR “Risk response plan is not analyzed for benefit versus cost (s)” OR “Risk response plans tend to be reactive vs. proactive”. Note the oversight you are addressing, why might this occur and what are the challenges/problems/ issues created because of it?

200 words for each question and include one reference to support your answers. APA format.

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