Two short discussion posts

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I need 2 different discussion post

1/ 400 words discussion post…

In ”The Dangerous Myth of Grade Inflation,” Kohn argues that grade inflation is not the problem many of his colleagues believe it to be. But to convince them, he needs to show that he understands their concerns.

How does Kohn demonstrate that he understands what his audience believes to be the problem of grade inflation?

2/ Approx 750 words essay…

After reading Kohn’s article “The Dangerous Myth of Grade Inflation,” respond to the following questions in a short (approx. 750 word, double-spaced) essay:

What is the controversy Kohn addresses?

To whom is it controversial? And why?

Who is his audience? How can you tell?

What kinds of evidence does he offer? Give at least two examples

Do you think this evidence will be convincing? Is it appropriate evidence for this audience?

Kohn’s main point comes in his conclusion–why do you think he put it at the end, rather than at the beginning?

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