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Help me study for my Computer Science class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

(Need 200 word peer response #1)


My name is Dylan Scott and I am a First Lieutenant in the United States Air Force. I have been in the Air Force for over 10 years and was a Cyber Surety NCO before being afforded the opportunity to earn a commission. I now work as a Cyberspace Operations Officer and was lucky enough to get stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii as my first base (HST is my time zone)! I moved here in November of 2018 and I haven’t gotten island fever yet! Before this assignment I was stationed in Texas, Guam, Germany, and Florida.

Academically, my goal is to earn a Cybersecurity MS degree before moving to my next assignment (that gives me roughly 1 year) and have 2 more classes after this one to achieve this goal. Furthermore, I hope the content throughout this course will build on my enlisted experience in this field. After completing this degree, my next goal is to gain the Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) certification.

One of the main activities I do in my spare time is weight lifting at the gym. I found this as a good way to challenge myself physically and continually get stronger. Some other hobbies of mine are going to the beach, hiking, swimming, traveling and just hanging out with friends. Luckily, Hawaii is normally a great place I can do pretty much all of these. I also love to try different types of cuisines. Hawaii has a wide variety of food options to choose from so I am pretty much living the dream. However, COVID-19 makes it a bit more challenging to take full advantage of what the island has to offer. I look forward to learning in this course with the rest of you!


Information Security can be used interchangeably with Cybersecurity and Information Assurance; which aims to protect information while in transit and at rest. This is achieved by security the different aspects of the CIA triad; Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. Confidentiality measures guard against unauthorized access, integrity aims to make sure information is in its intended form (not modified/manipulated), and availability gauges if the information is available when needed. Security controls can be layered in order to provide effective information security. Typically these security controls can be categorized as administrative, physical, and technical.


(Need 200 word peer response #2)

Greetings fellow ISSC660 classmates and Professor McCracken. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Susan Herbert-Truskowsky but I go by SueT for simplicity.

My Personal Biography …

I currently reside in Moatsville, West Virginia on a 158 acre ranch with my husband of 38 years, Tom Truskowsky and our 5 Giant Schnauzer “fur kids”, Frieda, Strudel, Muffin, Max and Woofie. We have no other children.

Moatsville is a very small town in rural north-central West Virginia (eastern time zone). Our ranch is located in a very secluded area, and lies on a ridge above the Tygart River. Elkins is to the south, Clarksburg is to the west and Morgantown is to the north. That makes the nearest town approximately an hour’s drive away. Some very basic services can be obtained in the little town of Philippi, West Virginia which is about five miles from the ranch. Internet service via satellite provides a critical ‘life line’ to the outside world.

My Education …

My education experience has been a mix of traditional ‘brick and mortar’ and online learning environments. I received an Associate of Arts degree in 1974 and a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1976 with a concentration in Economics and a minor in Business from George Washington University. I hold a graduate certificate in Nonprofit Management from APUS. I received my Master’s Degree in Accounting in April 2020.

My interests lie in auditing (financial statements, fraud and IT). APUS does not offer a program in IT auditing. I am currently studying for the Certified Internal Auditor credential and hope to take the 3 part exam before the end of the year. With the COVID-19 pandemic my local Pearson testing center has been closed.

My Professional Experience …

I am a seasoned Professional Services Practice Leader and true ‘road warrior’ with over 40 years of consultancy expertise delivering technology driven solutions across a broad range of industries. I’ve had the pleasure of working with many non-profit and government organizations. I am a Senior Partner-Vice President of Client Services, and Chief Executive Consultant with Counterpointe IT Surety Services, a boutique consulting services firm. Since 2002, I’ve managed the ERP audit, assurance and advisory services division. I provide P&L management, practice administration, business development, and service delivery for key client engagements. As Chief Executive Consultant, I personally consult on strategic business planning and alignment, risk management, performance management and measurement, financial and business process improvement/reengineering, governance and enterprise control. I provide onsite technical leadership for Oracle, SAP and PeopleSoft implementations for key public sector clients and subject-matter expertise with financial application software.

My Course Expectations …

Learning from others’ personal experiences is important to me. Forum responses in many of my undergraduate and graduate courses seemed to be nothing more than a rehash of the textbook material. I hope at that forum responses in this course will be more insightful and reflect some personal experience. I personally enjoy a healthy discussion of others’ views on forum topics.

Regards, SueT

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