Two Kinds” by Amy Tan

Read the story ” Two Kinds” by Amy Tan
– You will need to have at least 1 page of research in 3 pages wherein you describe the author’s life ( or authors’ lives) i.e., a bit of his/her biography. Remember to cite your sources at the end of the essay. NOTICE: the sources has to get from website online only. You CANNOT use the sources from book, magazine, newspaper….
– You need to think a bout why the story is appreciated by so many people — what makes it important enough to be considered Literature. To do this you need to read the story carefully and underline ( and later include in your paper) quotes that you find significant, representative or indicative of the author’s message. Through the characters and events, what is the author trying to tell the reader about life and how it is lived.
– The story is important for a number of reasons. Your task is to determine why they are significant. Although the characters and events are fictional. something about the message conveyed in the story is real in a very serious sense. Reading a work carefully often yields an understanding of multiple layers within it. Scrutiny and careful consideration will allow a reader to understand themes and ideas present in the text.

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