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Post a link and short recap to an article related to your Country Research assignment research with your thoughts on why you found this interesting or important. Due Wednesday August 5


Retailer’s country research

The objective of this assignment is to research a country important to your retailer’s company and product/brand strategy. Each team will select a dominant country that is providing products or services in sourcing raw materials, bill of materials supplies, or manufacturing. As we all know, China is the dominant provider of many products to retailers and brands, so teams will need to think about alternative country options beyond China. Also, with the current status on trade with China, this might not be the best country of origin alternative. The country can be USA, as many companies are shifting back to more Made in the USA products. Please notify the instructor with your team’s country of origin choice to minimize the duplication of only a couple of countries. Your will find a signup link in the Week 4 Roadmap or can click on here. Link (链接到外部网站。)

The intent is not simply to collect facts, but to learn about the country, and present an understanding on what skills, resources, benefits, costs, risks, rewards of doing business, and why the country is the best, most productive, and competitive destination for your retailer.

In analyzing a country, it is best to start with macro-environmental factors. Many companies will use a PESTS analysis – political, economic, social, technology, and sustainability. Refer to the Week 3 Module Power Point for more information. In addition to resources for research listed on the syllabus, another great resource is https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/ (链接到外部网站。)

Once the PESTS factors are identified, micro-environmental factors should be identified. Again, refer to the Week 3 Module Power Point for more information. This information is more specific to skill level and capabilities in the supply chain of the specified country to provide the quality level required of the products and services being purchased.

The assignment will include the above mentioned – a section on macro-environmental factors and a section on micro-environmental factors. A third section will be included to provide the team’s opinion of this country as part of the retailer’s supply chain – is this a smart choice, should they be investing to produce more in the country, is there great growth potential, or should the retailer be pulling out of the country and why and if they pull out where should they be sourcing.

The assignment should be professionally written and thoroughly researched. For this assignment, a minimum of five resources is encouraged. Refer to the resources listed on the syllabus and the Discussion Board handout. Make sure that all articles are current – no more than 6 months old as conditions are constantly changing around the world. Information should be fact-based with in-text cites on all statistics (MLA format – see How to Cite Your Sources below). In addition to articles, country business sites are encouraged as well as global business sites. Please include a title page and works cited page (MLA format – see How to Cite Your Sources below).


Provide comments about your research this week from the contemporary business environment.


  • Using the information below, list which styles you would markdown and why.
  • Also, make sure to identify what type of markdown you would use for the styles (POS or Permanent). Think back to this week’s lecture of how/why each get used.
  • Be sure to read and comment on at least one other student’s post.
Class 101 Target Inventory 6 WOH
Dept 100: Denim
Dept Class Style # Description Sell-thru % Weeks On Hand Avg Weekly Sales Target Inv Units To Reorder
100 101 2562 Skinny Drk Wsh 21.80% 14.4 63.8 383 -532
100 101 2566 Skinny Medium Wsh 42.00% 5.5 93.8 563 46
100 101 2589 Skinny Black 20.10% 15.9 43.3 260 -428
100 101 2590 Skinny Ecru 49.40% 4.1 113.8 683 217
100 101 2592 Crop Med Wsh 46.30% 4.6 146.3 878 200
100 101 2594 Crop Wht 44.80% 4.9 96.3 578 103
100 101 2598 Flare Drk Wsh 13.90% 24.8 21.3 128 -398


Presentation: (make a PPT)

  • All material needs to be well-written, free from grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors
  • Each pitch needs a Works Cited page
  • Review the rubrics carefully to confirm all details
  • Presentations should concisely state your knowledge of the brand/customers and why yours is the most effective campaign strategy or tactic.
  • Discuss the effectiveness of the campaign and why it was developed.
  • Present in an orderly and logical order.
  • Must be submitted in PowerPoint Presentation format:
  • Language
    • Use correct usage of terms learned in the classroom
  1. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Measurements
  2. What is the Return on Investment (ROI) – what can the client expect in return on the amount of money invested on the campaign?
  3. KPIs are the hard data (measurable value) that tell us whether we are achieving our campaign objectives and goals
  4. Note: While we will not have actual data, what should the campaign be able to affect? Examples might include increase in sales, consumer likes, conversion rates of customers in stores, conversion rates online, etc.
  1. Positioning Strategy and Statement
  2. What position within the competitive marketplace will this campaign support for the brand?
  3. Who are the competitors and on what criteria do they compete?
  4. Create a positioning statement that your brand will need to adopt in order to successfully compete in the marketplace. Follow this format:

To_____ (target market), ________ (brand) is the _____ (category) ____ that provides _______ (key benefit).

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