transportation engineering- report project 8 to 10 page and PPT.

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  1. Urbanization and the influence on the growth of cities
  2. COVID-19 and the effects on commuters to employment activity centers.
  3. Traffic control devices and synchronization techniques during peak periods.
  4. Role of paratransit in the informal sector of developing countries.
  5. Decaying urban transport infrastructure, financing and role of government.
  6. Growth of cities and Impact on transportation
  7. Road Safety
  8. Reverse Commuting
  9. Congestion Pricing
  10. Sustainability of publicly-owned transit agencies and the role of government.

Submission Requirements: (Outline)

  1. Final Report: 8 to 10 pages.
  2. Body of Report:
  3. Introduction
  4. Literature Review with proper citations of sources.
  • Main Body of Report
  1. Summary/Conclusion
  2. List of Citations and Reviewed Materials. (In accordance with the established citation format).

Plus: PowerPoint Presentation and copy of PPT.

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