Transformational and transactional leadership

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As a future leader in the field of health care administration, you may face many chronic health threats to various systems. As you work to combat these threats and ensure community wellness, you are likely to become an agent of social change. This objective may be more challenging and critical to achieve in matters such as health emergencies and outbreaks. For leaders, outbreaks, epidemics, and pandemics elicit critical and timely attention to situations in health care administration.

Based on the leadership role you selected for the Assignment, include the following:

I have attached the article along with my role: Leadership Role: Incident Response Commander

Please use the article as a reference and find 2-3 more,

  • A summary of the leadership challenges this leader would face in assuring the system changes necessary to be prepared for the next outbreak, epidemic, or pandemic
  • An explanation of how your leadership challenges as this leader relate to challenges of the other leaders listed above

Leadership Role: Incident Response Commander


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