topical review paper

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The purpose of the review paper is to utilize current review literature, in the form of review and mini review articles, to learn more about a topic that currently applies to cellular and molecular biology. If you wish, you may utilize primary literature papers, which will provide more in-depth analysis of a topic. This will allow you to learn more about a particular subject in cell/molecular biology that has piqued your interest and report more about it


-Topic explanation: Topic is situated in larger context of academia; 4+ scholarly sources provide general background for the general reader about the topic

-Relevant breakdown of topic into subtopics: Each subsection (2-4) has clearly explained relevance to the main topic

-Subtopic explanation: Subtopic situated with appropriate references within the larger topic; progression of the topics into further subtopics, if needed; clear explanation to link with cell / molecular biology

-Synthesis of prior research to new understanding: Connects 4+ scholarly sources per subtopic; integration of sources to demonstrate a new understanding of subtopic; effectively uses data and findings without quotes

-Depth and breadth of the topic: Explores 4+ distinct data sets and/or findings of subtopic; each subtopic includes specific and detailed explanation of one experiment; collectively subtopics provide broad range of topic

-Figures and/or tables: Production of two figures and/or tables that utilizes preexisting data; relevant title and description

-References: At least 12 scholarly references consistently referenced throughout paper; format is appropriate to the topic

-Grammar and spelling: No run-on or fragmented sentences; appropriate sentence diversity; consistent tone throughout paper; grammar and spelling mistakes do not detract from readability of paper

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