to what extent do grande s mindsets affect her success in a specific area of her life

Carol Dweck introduce us to the fixed and the growth mindset.From her work and other readings,we have come to understand the effect mindsets can have on our successes and failures in various aspects of our lives. To what extent do Grande’s mindsets affect her success in a specific area of her life? For this essay, you will want to identify one very specific aspect of Grande’s life.For example:academics,relationships,cultural assimilation,etc. You may also focus on particular moments/events in her life or trace a span of her life in order to point or significant comparisons. For this essay you must include specific,textual evidence from both Grande’s,”The Distance Between Us,and Dweck’s articles.

“The distance between us ” It is a memoir book, it tells a Mexican family move to United States and there are lots of stereotypes of the Protagonist Grande. I understand is impossible to read the whole book for writing this essay. So you may can find some summary from the website or other way.

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