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Complete the Actor Specification Cards and Use Cases below.2.Provide a business process improvement for the process you diagrammed in Question 1. In your answer, please articulate:

a.(3%) One specific improvement goal in one sentence;

b.(3%) A detailed description of your improvement suggestions, including the steps and decisions added/removed/merged/split and changes in process paths, etc., to fulfill your stated goal in a;

c.(3%) A rationale for why your improvement recommendation is important to the business;

d.(3%) A KPI to measure the success of your business process improvement; specifically explain what the KPI is, what data needs to be collected to measure the KPI, and why it is important for the business to consider such KPI.3.Provide a system functionality extension recommendation for any of the Use Cases you did in Question 1. Please articulate:

a.(3%) The goal of your recommendation in one sentence;

b.(3%) A detailed description of your extension suggestions, specifying the additional functionalities, whether these functionalities need a new use case or can be added to an existing use case, the primary and secondary actors involved, and step by step how these actors interact with the system via the use case you describe to fulfill the goal mentioned in part a;

c.(3%) A rationale for why your extension recommendation is important to the business;

d.(3%) Additional data that your functionality extension should collect and why such data can benefit the business.

4.Provide a recommendation to improve the business data collection and analytics capability by adding an intersection table. Do not identify or suggest the addition of intersection tables already in the data model.

a.(3%) Identify an existing one-to-many relationship in the data model that should be considered a many-to-many relationship instead, or any two tables that can potentially have a many-to-many relationship.

b.(3%) Explain why the relationship you identified is or should be many-to-many.

c.(6%) Specify the three tables involved: the intersection table you recommended and the two existing tables between which your new recommended table will intersect. Include the table names and the necessary PKs and FKs, using the format: TABLE NAME (COLUMN NAME1 [PK, FK], COLUMN NAME2 [PK, FK], etc.).

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