Timed S & R #1 Due for Dweck’s "The Secret to Raising Smart Kids" — Complete & Submit

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After you have annotated Dr. Carol Dweck’s “The Secret to Raising Smart Kids,” completed the Fixed Vs. Growth Mindset Graphic Organizer, answered the class Discussion Questions, studied the S & R #1 Guidelines & Writing Frame, and Sample S & R, type your own S & R #1 for Dweck’s article.

Since this is your first academic summary and response for our class, feel free to use the sentence starters from our S & R #1 Guidelines handout Pg 3-5 to get used to the organizational format, academic summary phrasing, quote integration, and formatting.

Be sure to proofread carefully out loud 4 times, save to your computer documents and flash drive as Engl 120 S & R #1 (8-25-20) , and then submit your S & R #1 as a Word Doc

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