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Can Anyone help me to fix this essay like the question below.

WRITE: Argument Essay, Draft 3. (Final draft)

YOU ARE REVISING YOUR ESSAY ON THIS TOPIC: Is the Internet a waste of time? Why or why not? This essay responds to the ideas from the article from the TSIS online tutorial for Ch. 6: “Go Ahead: Waste Time on the Internet” by Kenneth Goldsmith

If you submit your paper for additional feedback, make sure your reviewer has these directions:

TOPIC: Is the Internet a waste of time? Why or why not?

LENGTH: When you format correctly in MLA style, the length should be about 2 pages double spaced.

STRUCTURE: This is a 5-paragraph academic essay with an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a brief concluding paragraph. This is a short argument essay based on personal opinion, not a research paper; you only need to use the article we read for class as your “they say” material (“Go Ahead: Waste Time on the Internet” by Kenneth Goldsmith). When you quote or paraphrase, use signal phrases to identify the source clearly.

Intro (1 paragraph): hook + issue and why it’s important (so what/who cares) + article summary + your thesis statement (the “I say”). Please use a general thesis statement as the last sentence of your intro; no preview of supporting points. Make sure your thesis is responding to the prompt question. Use of first person “I” is fine.

Body (3 paragraphs): BP 1 and 2 should each have a clear and complete topic sentence at the beginning which supports your thesis. (Starting with a “they say” hook is also fine and encouraged, but optional. If you use a hook, it should be short). BP 3 must begin with a “naysayer”/opposing point that you respond to; your response is your topic sentence. Make sure you are supporting your side!

Explain your point; illustrate with examples and details; conclude by restating your point in different words and connecting to your thesis.

Conclusion (1 paragraph): DON’T simply repeat your body points here. Restate your thesis (using different words) and leave your reader something to think about. What’s your message? Why is this important? Is there a call to action?

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