This project is for a laboratory setting where patients come to the patient service center to get their blood drawn

This project is for a laboratory setting where patients come to the patient service center to get their blood drawn.

Part 1

This project is for a laboratory setting where patients come to the patient service center to get their blood drawn. Employees are required to work all aspects of the job from greeting the patient, entering orders into the computer, drawing blood, and processing and shipping the blood to the main lab. Customer service is at least 75% of their job. They need to know how to talk to people and deal with different personalities. They have to be pleasant even if the customer is wrong. Word of mouth from unhappy customers does more damage to a company’s reputation, customer retention, and attracting new customers than anything else. The Smile Campaign is a critical part of employee training for customer service. This project explains the importance of customer service to the employees and it also incorporates rewarding them for their achievements. The only risk is not having a customer service training program in place. Employees tend to forget that the customer is the reason they get a paycheck, because without them there would be no need for their jobs. So this project trains them and reminds them weekly by email newsletters on how to treat and talk to the customers in a positive way. These actions are reinforced by rewarding good customer service.

This project does fit into the strategic plan of the company. Presenting this project to management as a way to better improve on customer service and decrease negative complaints. By doing this the lab will retain customers and attract new ones. In the medical field patients need to be dealt with on a personal level. Patients are going to go to a place that is nice to them and makes them feel comfortable. This will build the company’s reputation, which is directly related to great customer service. The project will be presented as a low cost start up and maintenance. The most costly will be the time managers and supervisors spend working on the project. The company prides themselves on great customer service and happy employees and both will result in higher profits for the company.

Part 2

The success of a project being approved depends largely on the preparation of the proposal. Putting together the proposal involves extensive planning, analyzing, and research in order to prepare the integral parts, which may include among other things the risk management plan, communication plan, and critical path. Presenting a well-constructed proposal is almost equally as important as its content. Arbab (n.d.), a successful project proposal is one that is well prepared, thoughtfully planned, and concisely packaged . When presenting a project proposal it is also important to understand the audience and/or stakeholders being presented to. A project proposal that does not fit into the businesses strategic plan could face push back and the presenter should be prepared to convince the audience of the projects benefits and advantages.

The project to open a MASH-style spay/neuter clinic fits into the strategic plan of the animal rescue being presented with the project. However, convincing a group of fundraising and frugal individuals to spend the non-profits reserves will likely prove difficult. To help ease anxiety, the project plan will need to include a realistic budget, contingency plan for fundraising, long term objectives of opening several clinics statewide, and many other details that spell success. As the presenter, I am also aware that I will be asked a number of questions and I must insure that I have spent a great deal of time researching and have support through the Board Vet to defer to in the event there is a question I cannot answer.

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