This is an individual project for (Introduction of Marketing class), where you have to present a marketing research or a topic and explore it.

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Professor’s description:

Independent project is a marketing research project where you propose to explore a research question or topic that interests you.

Marketing Research projects in the past have included: exploring whether it’s a good idea to do a “surprise” album release for a new music album, exploring what made Grand Theft Auto 5 successful, examining whether ads depicting people of color were more equitable for larger corporations or smaller corporations. Hopefully this makes sense. Please let me know if you have any questions.

My idea:

To explore the Marketing success of (Tesla Inc.), I’m interested in how the company made a huge success since it was launched. And. how unique is this company overall, especially when it comes to marketing and how it’s attracting people from different segments. For example, they’re very engaged in Music and Hip-hop industry because you can see Tesla cars in most of music video that are getting millions of views on Youtube and other platforms.

You can expand in more ideas in the context of Marketing and its role of making the company successful.

Please do the project according to (Principals of Marketing class) topics:

1- Marketing research: identify target market, their wants/needs. Explore competition/alternative way they’re currently solving their needs.

2- Customer profile

3- Positioning matrix

4- Perceptual Map

5- Associative Network

6- Positioning statement

7- Parent company (if exist)

8- Mission, Vision, Objectives

9- PEST Analysis

10- SWOT

You have the freedom the choose what Marketing Topics to include from the list (you can choose Marketing topics that are not listed)

I will provide extra helpful class material if needed

Delivery form:

PowerPoint file (10 to 12 slides), include helpful graphs and pics + Speaker notes (talking for about 10 minutes)

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