Thinking Critically About Advertising and Subconscious Messages

Sensation and Perception Worksheet

Due: Week Four
Points: 50

For this assignment you will review the “Thinking Critically About Advertising and Subconscious Messages” box on page 84 of Chapter 3 – Sensation and Perception, complete the activity as indicated, then address the following questions:

a) Briefly describe the path of information from the targeted sensory organ (i.e. eye, ear, skin, etc.) to the brain.  Include a synthesis of terms/information from both Chapter 2 – Biological Basis of Behavior and Chapter 3 -Sensation and Perception in your description.

b) What cues were used to create subconscious or conscious associations?

c) What is the underlying message you perceived from the sensory information presented?

d) What personal factors (from pages 113-114) might be influencing your perceptions toward this category of advertisements?

Use the  Sensation & Perception Worksheet  as a template to submit your completed assignment.

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