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1. Evaluate the federal government’s performance in assisting southern blacks to make the transition from slavery to freedom. What policies did the government implement in an attempt to uplift southern blacks? Which of these policies were most successful and which were the worst failures? On balance, did the federal government not do enough to assist freedpeople, or was the level of assistance that it provided more than could have been expected?

2. Identify the factors which contributed to the end of Reconstruction and weigh their relative importance. What factor or factors were most responsible for Reconstruction’s end? Could these factors have been overcome? Was the failure of Reconstruction inevitable?

3. It is often assumed that Reconstruction would have been more successful had Lincoln survived to oversee it. Assess the validity of this statement by comparing Lincoln’s proposed Ten Percent Plan with Johnson’s policies and Lincoln’s relationship with Congress to Johnson’s. How different were Lincoln’s and Johnson’s programs? What evidence suggests that Reconstruction under Lincoln would have differed substantially from Reconstruction under Johnson?

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