Thermodynamics Report


– Attached is a pdf file of the question to do the report.

– I will be providing an example of report that I did. and I want you to follow the same format.

– You will start with an introduction, Theory, Then the calculations. After that you need to do the figures for the calculations using excel. Then discursions about the figures and finally the conclusion.

– “. We wish to power South Florida for one year. Your assignment is to minimize the number of
plants required, minimize the cost of the plant operation, minimize the depletion of non-renewable fuels and minimize pollutant emission formation. The plant will burn coal. The
following parameters hold:

– The maximum pressure cannot exceed 15.0 MPa.

– The maximum temperature for the high-pressure turbine cannot exceed 600 C.

– For each reheat used, the maximum allowable temperature will decrease by 75 C.

– All turbines will have an efficiency of 0.85

– All pumps will have an efficiency of 0.8

– The condenser will be cooled with river water from the Indian river. The maximum
temperature rise will be 4 C. For an effective heat transfer rate, the temperature in the
condenser must be at least 15 C higher than the river water. The pump for the river water
will require a pressure rise of 250 kPa.

– Each plant will have a mass flow rate of 25 kg/s, using appropriate parameter studies to
minimize the South Florida parameters discussed above. Use of figures and tables to
present your results is encouraged. Clearly present all parameters for the power plant.

– After you have found the best configuration, assume a new turbine design has been
completed to increase the turbine efficiency to 0.87. Compare and discuss your results.


-Let me know if you need an example of my last reports to do this.

Thank you

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