theory’s implications for nursing practice

Peer Presentation Review Checklist Template

No Checklist Check the boxes
1 Does the presentation include all the specified components?

• A brief overview of the theorist’s background

• Discussion of the theorist’s view of the four basic metaparadigms and two concepts unique to the theory

• Basic theoretical assertions or propositions

• An analysis and a critique of the model with a focus on elaboration of the theory’s implications for nursing practice, nursing education, and nursing research

2 Does the presentation demonstrate focused research effort and good writing ability?
3 Does the presentation reflect an understanding of theory?
4 Is the presentation comprehensive?
5 Does the presentation reveal any content gaps?
6 Does the presentation effectively compile the specified packet of materials?
7 Does the posted packet include handouts, such as charts, diagrams, or definitions, which facilitate understanding of the presentation and the theory?
8 Is the presentation style impressive?
9 Does the presentation reflect organization and clarity?
10 Was the presentation submitted on time, and with correct spelling and grammar?
11 Does the presentation exhibit consistent and accurate adherence to APA standards?
12 Did the presenter have effective communication skills?

Discussion tips:

· Besides the professional appearance of PowerPoint presentations, please critique your peers’ works, such as purpose, concepts, assumptions, and theory’s implications for nursing practice, nursing education, and nursing research. Does each group use concepts and the conceptual framework/theoretical framework/model of the theory to guide the nursing implications?

· Discuss theory applications from their selected articles.

· Please provide suggestions or opportunities for improvement.

· Ask a challenge question to encourage your peers’ participations and critical thinking, for example a question about a unique situation and theory’s application, such as infection prevention.

· Critique the packet of materials and APA format.

Thank you for your hard-work. Let’s enjoy presentations and discussions.

Dr. Seay

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