INSTRUCTIONS – Theoretical Application

1. Goals you will work on with Rona (make sure the goals align with the psychoanalytic therapeutic approach).

2. Interventions and techniques you will use with Rona, based on psychoanalytic established goals. Be very specific. Assume that you will have up to three sessions with her.

3. Cultural considerations you will keep in mind while using the psychoanalytic approach with Rona.

4. Strengths and limitations of using the psychoanalytic theory with Rona.


Presenting Information: Rona is a 45-year old woman with no health problems. She is seeking counseling due to feelings of despondency, guilt, and despair.

Rona was previously married to Max and is in contact with her former husband of 10 years, who, like Rona, helps to support their daughter, Leisha, and their young grandson. Recently, Rona’s aging mother fell and broke her hip and came to live with Rona after being released from rehabilitation therapy. Leisha, who recently lost her job, is talking about bringing her son and a coming to live with Rona.

Rona feels overwhelmed with the demands on her time and energy. She states that she loves her mother, her daughter, and her grandchild, but feels “pulled in too many directions.” She states that after her divorce, and after Leisha left home, she had gone back to school to complete an associate’s degree. After adjusting to living alone, she found that she had enjoyed challenging herself to reach for new goals.

Social History: Rona grew up in a rural environment; her parents worked in jobs that supported a rural economy. Rona states that she “did not fit in” and moved to the nearby city as soon as she graduated from high school. She became pregnant with Leisha shortly after meeting Max, and states that she “kept to herself” because of her negative social experiences while growing up and the demands of working and raising her daughter. Recently, however, she has met someone and has enjoyed going out and exploring a new relationship.

Occupational and Educational History: Rona found work as a home health aide when she left home and moved to the city, and she discovered that she excelled in that role. Recently, she entered a program at her local community college to become a certified Medical Assistant, a goal that excited her and gave her hope for a better life in her middle-adult years. Her current feelings of distress are rising because she anticipates having to give up on her dream. For the Unit 4 Assignment, imagine that you are beginning your second session with Rona, and you are ready to work on assisting her in changing her life, from the psychoanalytic therapy approac

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