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This process assignment will contain the remaining body paragraphs of your essay followed by the conclusion. The last few body paragraphs will serve as an evaluation of the product, service, or media whose ad you analyzed in the first half of the body. The conclusion will deliver your final verdict about the product and whether or not you recommend it to your audience.

Evaluation Body Paragraphs:

Using the evaluation criteria you established in your introduction paragraph, review the subject of the advertisement (the product you purchased, the service you received, the attraction you visited, the film or show you watched, the album you listened to, the game you played, the event you attended, the restaurant you ate at, etc.). One by one, explain why the subject did or did not live up to your expectations based on each criterion. Again, as we’ve discussed in the past, be sure to give plenty of details for your readers when explaining why the subject you are reviewing exceeded, met, or failed to meet your expectations in each of those criteria. You might consider using the SIEL Method to construct these paragraphs, with each paragraph focusing on a different criterion. You can give a mixed review that is not entirely positive or negative–maybe the subject met or exceeded your expectations in some criteria while failing to meet your expectations in others.


Give your final verdict of the product. Based on how the product measures up to each of the criteria from the last few body paragraphs, do you recommend the product? Why or why not? Or do you have a mixed recommendation? (For example, if the quality of the product is good, but the item is expensive, you might recommend it only to people who have a lot of money that they are willing to spend.) Finally, do you think the advertisement was honest and accurate, or do you find it to be deceptive? Explain your reasoning.

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