The Think Tank Only

The U.S. Constitution

1. What are the fundamental shortcomings regarding the Articles of Confederation & Perpetual Union?


2. Compare & contrast the political philosophy between John Locke & Thomas Hobbes.


3. The Preamble of the U.S. Constitution sets out the origin, scope, & purpose. Summarize the scope & purpose in detail.


4. Who wrote the Federalist Papers & what was the purpose?

 Josephine Baker: The 1st Black Superstar

1. Describe Josephine Baker’s childhood & how she was taught to interact with White people.


2. In 1921, did Josephine Baker encounter issues with race in entertainment (specifically in the chorus line?)


3. What are the several reasons Josephine Baker travelled to Europe? What were the freedoms she experienced there? Did the French embrace her?


4. How did the U.S. receive Josephine Baker after she returned back to N.Y.?


5. What is your opinion of Walter Winchell’s written attack towards Josephine Baker? Was she being idealistic that he would come to her aid?

Eartha Kitt’s Daughter Kitt Shapiro


1. What are some correlations between Josephine Baker & Eartha Kitt?


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