The subject is photographic history the topics are 4.1 through 4.4

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Example of what one of the assignments would look like, genuinely three questions per unit.


Answer the following in full sentences and a cohesive short essay format (at least 1 paragraph for each numbered section):

1. Provide a brief overview of the Gilded Age, including a discussion of the larger themes and issues that arose during this period.

2. Choose 1 photograph by Jacob Riis drawn from this week’s materials and provide an in-depth analysis of the photo’s form and content.

    • Be sure to clearly identify which photograph you choose to analysis by including the title and date. It’s helpful to also include a thumbnail of the photography in your post.
    • Think about how form and content combine to produce meaning; how do Riis’ formal choices influence the way to see, feel, and think about the content in the photograph as well as the larger cultural issues of the Gilded Age?

3. Think critically about Riis’ personal background and his photographic methods? What are some pros and cons in Riis’ approach to social reform and his use of photography to towards these aim?

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