the student will write a paper minimum 7 10 pages on the practicum agency emphasizing agency structure

The student will write a paper (minimum 7-10 pages) on the practicum agency emphasizing agency structure, populations served, core services provided and an analysis of relevant agency policies. This paper is to be double-spaced and typed. The content is not limited to, but must include:

  • Stated goals and objectives of the agency
  • The formal organizational structure of the agency
  • The social services programs administered by the agency
  • Describe the clients of the agency and what client needs the agency meets identify the significant disciplines other than social work in the agency
  • Identify key sources of funding for the agency
  • Describe the general atmosphere within the agency
  • Identify the policy making body of the agency
  • Identify three key community resources used by the practicum agency
  • Overview of populations served
  • Identification and exploration of core services provided by the agency

Presentation of Agency Analysis

Using your agency paper as a guide, students will complete a power point presentation on their proposed practicum agency or service site and submit through Canvas. The depth of the presentation is to extend the information shared on the agency beyond what was covered in the paper. This presentation must demonstrate the student’s ability to apply knowledge from the professional foundation, social work values, ethics, and skills to practicum experiences. It will begin with a summarization of the following: the history and mission of the agency, funding base, discussion of the linkages between and among departments, lines of authority as depicted on the organization chart and an explanation for social work roles and positions within the organization.

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