The spread of Shakespeare

The spread of Shakespeare
People often think that Shakespeare’s popularity occurred because he was such a great writer and
included “universal” themes. However, much has now been written about the use of Shakespeare’s work
to transmit cultural values to colonized lands during the 1600’s-present day. In this paper, explore the
ways that Shakespeare’s work was and is used as a tool of imperialism. Think about the ways that arts
and culture and exported to other places to create similar values. Think about why so many countries
have “Royal Shakespeare Theatres” or why his work is produced all around the world? What prominent
narratives and values are deployed through his work? How might you understand imperialism through
these texts? Include a full “Works Consulted” page as an attachment with your project. Think about other
form of arts/culture that are exported as forms of imperial domination?
Please define imperialism and its relationship to colonial domination in both historical and present day
contexts and cite your resource for this definition. Citations must be scholarly works sources.

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