The realized yeild of a Bond w

The realized yeild of a Bond with Face Value Rs 100 and coupon rate of 20 percent that was purchased at Rs 191.5 and having market price of Rs 194.35 at the end of 5 years is Time left 1:23 ?? 12.65 percent O b. 13.05 percent OC 12.77 percent od 10.7 percent

Calculate the systematic risk of the stock if Beta of the stock is 1.2 and standard deviation of the market is 10 percent ??. 132 O b. 144 Oc105.12 Od 121
A bond of Hansa Ltd has a yield of 10 percent if held till maturity. If it has a duration of 4.50 years, the modified duration of this bond would be O a 4.09 percent Ob 4.25 percent ?? 4.89 percent Od 3.25 percent

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