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Provided you are enrolled into ‘CSC610 Information Systems Development’ (Course 1) with the Following lessons in the course

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Information Systems

Lesson 2 – Systems Development: Investigation, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Maintenance and Review

Lesson 3 – Hardware and Software

Lesson 4 – Database Systems and Business Intelligence

Lesson 5 – Telecommunications and Networks

Lesson 6 – The Internet, Web, Intranets, and Extranets

Lesson 7 – Electronic and Mobile Commerce and Enterprise Systems

Lesson 8 – Information and Decision Support Systems

Lesson 9 – Knowledge Management and Specialized Information Systems

Lesson 10- Information Systems in Organizations, and Personal and Social Impact of Information Systems.

and you work as a “Financial Data analyst/ Programmer Analyst” for a bank (Capital One) with following job responsibilities


a. Translate business needs into complex analysis design and solution deployment recommendations

b. Act as a key data lead to leverage versatile technical capabilities to drive the development, evolution and implementation of data products, which enable self- service by data consumers.

c. Coordinating with offshore team for project execution and being au fait with process issues, product concerns and develop and deliver sturdy coding and programming solutions.

d. Work with the customer to understand their needs and requirements, then use the information to evolve banking products.

e. Reconcile all balance sheets on annual and monthly basis across the business

f. Providing the best practices to the team and creating various POC’s for the team.

g. Taking on the responsibility to make sure all the sprint deliverables will be deployed on time as per the coding standards.

h. As an Agile Team Member, I am involved in the complete life cycle of Agile processes which include story grooming, story planning, daily stand up meetings and retro meetings. As a part of the story grooming I interacts with business stakeholder’s, product owner’s and business

analysts to make sure that all the team stories and workflows are well


i. Identify and encourage areas for growth and improvement within the team.

j. Provide technical leadership to teammates through coaching and mentorship and maintain high standards of software quality within the team by establishing good practices sharing, collaboration, sharing learnings and avoiding issues that can lead to delivery setbacks by planning ahead of the curve and building in redundancies.


Answer the following questions in APA Format with in 5 to 6 pages (which dont include cover page and references page)

1. Link outcomes from [My First Course] to My Workplace –

Choose and quote three of the detailed course outcomes (as found in your first submission this quarter) for your first course this quarter. Describe specific (to your workplace/job) examples where what you’re learning in the course applies to your job and how you will implement what you’re learning within your current position. To reiterate, these must be SPECIFIC to YOU and YOUR JOB.

2. Applying Work Experiences to [My First Course] –

Describe an example where something that occurred at work helped you to better understand course work related to one of the three outcomes you have discussed for that course.

3. Work Proposal –

Briefly (as in a few paragraphs) describe a process change, procedural innovation, or another enhancement that you would propose to your employer based on what you’ve learned in this quarter’s courses. You should clearly explain how this proposal relates to at least one of your current courses’ outcomes. This should not be something that you’ve already done. This must be SPECIFIC to YOU and YOUR JOB. Subheadings must follow the formula for proposals used in MGT 510: Introduction, Background, Problem, Opportunities, Recommendations, Conclusion.

5. References –

(Minimum at least two peer-reviewed references and each syllabus for the courses you are discussing.) Reference list must be in proper APA format. It must include each syllabus for the one or two non-externship courses. All references must be cited WITHIN the text of the paper (in proper APA format) showing exactly where the specific reference applies and using signal phrase formatting for quotes or citations. Simply listing references without in-text citations showing the applicability of a specific reference isn’t sufficient. The references can be used to support the work proposal, further demonstrate the linkage between course outcomes and workplace duties, etc.

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