The progressive integration of

The progressive integration of communications, IT, data and physical elements within the production systems are bringing significant opportunities to increase competitiveness within organizations. Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things, and Smart Factory are all concepts recently develop which refer to these emerging opportunities.





Digital is reinventing industry as we know it, and executives need to rethink their business to gain a competitive edge.

Only the right combination of advanced technologies can enable digital transformation and enterprise-wide growth. In fact, an optimal mix could save large companies up to $16 billion. But how do you turn disruption into a solution?

Enter Industry X.0, a new path to digitally transform your business through smart, connected and living technologies. It will increase agility and innovation, allowing your business to operate with greater efficiency and speed. It will enable new ecosystems and business models that translate to expanded revenue streams.

So, how can you unlock the power of Industry X.0?

The progressive integration of communications, IT, data and physical elements within the production...

A large majority of executives believe failure to leverage digital will cause their companies to struggle for survival.


Every company must discover its own “X” – the most effective combination of new technologies and processes to power its journey to digital reinvention. Here’s how to succeed on your unique path to Industry X.0.


In the age of digital disruption, companies need to rethink their business, products and services. We help clients bring the digital transformation to life through Accenture’s Innovation Architecture, a unique suite of labs, studios, and innovation and delivery centers that enable clients to rapidly prototype and test new offerings and scale them at speed.

Industry X.0 in action: We partnered with Schneider Electric to launch the Digital Services Factory, a new platform that has reduced the typical launch time for new digital services such as predictive maintenance, asset monitoring, and energy optimization by 80%.

More Industry X.0 success stories: Discover how BMW is reinventing the car buying experience.


Accelerated. Hyper-personalized. Agile. This is design and product engineering in the era of Industry X.0, where smart, connected technologies boost efficiencies and maximize returns from R&D investments. Our solutions combine direct feedback and other insights with advanced digital technologies to quickly develop products and services that better reflect customer needs for clients.

Industry X.0 in action: Accenture Labs engineered a connected car seat, embedding sensors that could gather driver data and provide services to encourage safer driver behaviors. Using an innovative process that involved crowdsourcing and augmented reality, we collapsed the typical design and development timeline from more than a year to six weeks, potentially creating a significant cost savings.


Building upon individual customer requirements addressed in the design phase, manufacturing shifts from a “one-size-fits-all” to a demand-driven, hyper-personalized approach powered by industrial automation. We support the development of smart products and services using new technologies that drive down operating costs, while increasing product quality and operations transparency.

Industry X.0 in action: Airbus has transformed A330 production by bringing wearable technology to the final assembly line—the first such implementation for a major aircraft manufacturer. Workers had greater access to critical information at their fingertips, resulting in increased employee satisfaction and overall productivity on their flagship fleet.

More Industry X.0 success stories: Learn how Goldcorp makes its mines safer and more productive through connected operations.


In Industry X.0, personalization doesn’t end with production–it charges ahead in the aftermarket. We take the customer insights gained through AI-enabled software and connectivity to help clients shift to as-a-service models with solutions focused on maintenance, repair, spare parts, warranty and product performance.

Industry X.0 in action: Ducati has turned inventory management into a science. With the Accenture Spare Parts Inventory Optimization application, the motorbike company successfully met the needs of dealers, suppliers and stores in 80 countries. How did they do it? They improved the time it took to forecast the inventory of their spare parts from hours to minutes.

More Industry X.0 success stories: Find out how Biesse Group reinvented the aftermarket as it transformed into a service-oriented manufacturer.


Will the progressive integration of communications, IT, data and physical elements result in personnel reductions within the organizations that take advantage of these opportunities? Why or why not?

If your losses are imminent, will there be other areas where personnel lines will increase to offset these losses?

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