The Process Used to Create th

Artist Statement

The Artist Statement is a statement an artist uses to describe their artwork. For this statement, you must follow the standard formatting for all typed, academic essays in this class: Times New Roman typeface, 12-point font, double spaced (2.0) with one-inch margins throughout, and no large gaps between paragraphs.

You will also need to include a header with your first and last name on the first page of your paper only. This statement must contain 500-750 words and include the following information about your artwork

1. At the beginning of your statement, write the title of your artwork and list the materials used to create this artwork.

2. Briefly describe the process used to create the artwork.

3. Write about your source of inspiration. State which artistic movement, theme, artwork, and/or artist inspired you to make this artwork. Then, explain why this artistic movement, theme, artwork, and/or artist inspired you to make this work. Think of questions such as: What was intriguing about an artwork discussed in class? What did you like about a particular artistic movement?

4. Describe the meaning of your artwork in as much depth as possible. Does the meaning of your work relate to or go against any key terms, vocabulary, or concepts discussed in class? If so, explain.

5. Finally, write what you hope the viewer will obtain from looking at your artwork. How do you want the viewer to look at or experience your artwork? Is the viewer supposed to feel a certain emotion when viewing your artwork? These are just some of the many questions you can answer in terms of the viewer’s response to the work.

References: You may use your class notes and class reading assignments as resources for the Artist Statement, but any information referred to must be cited properly You must consult the Citation Handout to determine how to properly cite any outside information. The inclusion of additional research and references is not required.

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