The output of a continuous ext

The output of a continuous extruding machine that coats steel pipe with plastic was studied as a function of thermostat temperature profile (A, at three levels), type of plastic (B, at three levels), and the speed (C, at three levels) of the rotating screw that forces the plastic through a tube-forming die. Two replications were obtained at each factor–level combination, yielding a total of 54 observations. The sums of squares were SSA  14,144.44, SSB  5,511.27, SSC  244,696.39, SS(AB)  1,069.62, SS(AC)  62.67, SS(BC)  331.67, SSE  3127.50, and SST  270,024.33.

a. Construct an ANOVA table for this experiment.

b. Use the appropriate F ratios to show that none of the two- or three-factor interactions is significant at   .05.

c. Which main effects are significant at   .05?

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