The median home price and aver

The median home price and average mortgage rate in a certain
country for 2006–2011 are given in following table.

Year Median
(in thousands of dollars)
2006 221.9 6.58
2007 217.9 6.52
2008 196.6 6.15
2009 172.1 5.14
2010 173.1 4.89
2011 166.2 4.68

(b) Find the line of best fit. (Let x be in
thousands of dollars. Round the coefficient
of x to six decimal places and the constant to
three decimal places.)
y = x +
(c) Predict the average mortgage rate if the median price of a home
is $200,000. (Round your answer to three decimal
(d) Predict the median home price if the average mortgage rate
is 5.25%. (Round your answer to the nearest thousand.)
(e) Find the coefficient of correlation. (Round your answer to
three decimal places.)

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